Another big move

Well, the move was actually pretty small – only 0.8mi from our apartment – but it was a BIG deal for us. JD and I are proud to say we are officially homeowners! It’s both exciting and terrifying, but we are happy to finally have our own space with a big yard where Pluto can run around off-leash til his heart’s content.

The details:
a cozy 1440 sq ft.
landscaped front yard with privacy fence around front porch
3 bedrooms (we are using the extra 2 for separate offices)
1.75 bathrooms
living room and den with a lofted space we will use for guests
back deck that spans entire length of house
fully fenced yard that backs to junior high school playing fields

We closed on Sept 27th so this is not new news for most of you, but I have been getting flack for not posting any pictures. We are mostly unpacked, but still very much need to organize and decorate, so here is a compromise – some pictures of the house before we officially moved in (it was staged by the selling company so ignore the ugly decor). AND expect posts of all the fun projects I’m doing. Currently I am making a frame collage over the fireplace and decorating the back deck, so those should be up soon.



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