Green Your Cigarrettes? Part 2

[read part 1 here]

Hooray, my e-cig is here! Free shipping took 4 business days (which I was stoked about because the main complaint from reviewers was shipping time).

I’m a sucker for good packaging: everything comes neatly tucked into a little black box, with instructions printed on the inside cover.

The batteries come partially charged, which is crucial to someone who can’t wait to fiddle with a new toy.

Assembly is simple, instructions are detailed and clear.



  • Comes with a small pack that charges and stores an extra battery and cartridges.
  • Each cartridge is equal to one pack of cigarettes (supposedly)
  • 4 different flavors and strengths (I tried classic tobacco, which was decently flavored)
  • Light indicators for when re-charging is needed
  • 100% USA made
  • 30 day money-back guarantee and 1 year parts warranty


  • The device seems to be extremely sensitive, which could waste the cartridge if it isn’t stored properly in the pack
  • There isn’t a way to recycle the cartridges, creating waste (but still much less than a box of cigarettes, plastic wrap, and butts)

Usage: Well, it’s not a cigarette (and doesn’t claim to be). That being said, I can absolutely accept this as a substitute. It took a few drags to get used to – you have to pull harder to get smoke, etc. But, knowing that I am putting less chemicals in my body, and am taking steps to eliminate nicotine all together, I will gladly make the adjustments.

Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase.  JD tried it and ordered one too. We are on our way to being successful ex-smokers!  Check out Blu or read reviews on other brands here.

Thoughts or experiences with e-cigs?


2 responses to “Green Your Cigarrettes? Part 2

  1. Blu is a good place to start, but most people who are serious about quitting eventually move to more powerful, longer-lasting setups. Blu and other “cigalike” products leave a lot to be desired, especially if you were a heavy smoker before picking up an e-cig. I’d strongly recommend looking into an Ego setup since it will provide much more vapor and easily last throughout the day 😉

  2. I can show you how to refill them yourself with that polyfill you put into stuffed animals, some “eliquid” and a syringe or dropper – cuts down on waste & saves you a lot of $$ 🙂 I believe there are also YouTube instructional videos. E-cig people seem really into YouTube.

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