On the Road!

Connecticut to Wisconsin

The beginning of the cross-country trek

24 May 2011

12:36pm: Goodbye New Haven, CT

6pm: Quick Stop at Clinton County Rest Area, Williamstown, PA

9:50pm: Stop somewhere off Ohio Turnpike at a rest area with a pretty cool dog enclosure. Pluto made friends with an 11mo chocolate lab named Kane.

25 May 2011

2:40am: Been snuggled in the backseat with Pluto since 11pm. John stopped for a bit to sleep.

4am: CHICAGO, IL!!!

6:26am: Made it to Paoli, WA! Get to John’s dad’s house and sleep with Pluto in the bed (out of his crate) for the first time ever. He gnawed some of the fancy woodwork on a window sill, but otherwise no major damage… Ruh Roh.

We will be staying in Paoli through the weekend, when his grandma is throwing him a graduation party. Then, ONWARD to Seattle 🙂


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