Kansas Sucks

1:22pm: Emporia Kansas. New favorite quote from John, “YOU’RE a horse!” excuse me? “wait, that came out wrong…”

Lunch with Pluto in the Park. Hotter than hell, but a nice enough breeze at least. Cute little town with some small college campus.

2:08pm: HWY 50 through Kansas.

We’ve figured out why HWY 50 is dubbed “The Loneliest Road In America.” There is nothing. Seriously, nothing — except tumbleweeds. Feels like we are driving through a bad movie and the road runner is about to MEEP!MEEP! past our car or something. After hours of boring driving we stopped at the first gas station we had seen in god-knows how many miles. Temperature was over 100 degrees and we got some tasty beverages. John went to open his glass soda bottle and the entire neck snapped off – leaving a deep gash across his index and middle finger. I stayed calm-ish but wasn’t sure what to do. He quickly bandaged his own hand McGuiyver style and we found the nearest hospital. 7 stitches later were are trying to get the f* out of Kansas and leave this disappointing day behind us.  We desperately looked for camping, but only found super sketchy trailer/RV park type places, so we are pushing through to Colorado.


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