29 May 2011

12am – Lamar, Colorado. Got a room @ The Cow Place Inn. Creepiest hotel I’ve ever been to. DEFINITELY haunted. But, they were cheap and dog friendly so we stayed.

9:58am – On the Road again. Back on HWY 50.

Made it to Gunnison. Picked up some groceries and set up camp. Pluto (and John and I) are very happy to be out of the care and into the wild. Wind advisory through the whole state – hope our tiny little tent doesn’t blow over!

Would love to stay and hike/camp another night, but John’s finger is sure to get infected if we do anymore dirty outdoor stuff. He is on a strict schedule on when to get his stitched out and get a refill on antibiotics, so we are ditching HWY50 for a more direct route to WA. Attempting to make the last part of the trip straight through.


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