Clutter, Clutter EVERYWHERE

As I mentioned, I am ditching most of my accumulated junk before moving across the country this May.  I am actually looking forward to paring down and starting over with only the necessities. There is just one problem: I have a bit of a hoarding aka “I might someday need this and I can’t throw it away cause landfills are too full and the guilt will kill me” issue.  Translation: I still  have not completely unpacked the apartment I moved into last year.

Taking a look at this, I realize it is a chronic problem. I am a bit of a modern-day gypsy. I have lived in 7 different places in the past 3 years. I never fully unpacked any of them.

  1. I clearly don’t need whatever is still in said unopened boxes
  2. I need to let. it. go.
  3. My apartments have never fully felt like home – pictures never made it on to the walls, drawers never organized, etc.

Weekend mission: unpack & organize, you know – so I can pack again in a few weeks.

Coming Soon: pics of the donate/sell items, an inside view of just how much junk a gal can part with.


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