Roads well traveled

Moving is expensive.  Moving across country is insanely expensive.  John and I burst into laughter when we heard our first price quote from Uhaul.  After a bit of freaking out we decided to say f* it.  We plan to ship a few boxes of the things we just can’t live without, ditch everything else that doesn’t fit in the coupe, and drive from one coast to the other.

What is more fitting (or cliché) than two recently graduated twenty-somethings and their dog  hitting the road for a little pre-adulthood hoorah?  I figure if we can manage 3000+ miles together, we probably have a good shot at a long, happy marriage too.

It’s probable that we won’t have this sort of opportunity again – at least not without time and money constraints – so we agreed to take a less direct route in order to drive up the pacific coastline (instead of the  faster northern route into Washington state).  We’ve also agreed on no hotels. Yup, you heard me.  Personally I think hotels are kind of creepy. And we are both fortunate to have friends and family scattered across the country if we need a floor to crash on. But mostly I think we will be napping in the car or camping.

HELP! (please)

Veteran road tripper?

  • What route did you take?
  • What places should we avoid (think “the world’s biggest…”)?
  • What must we see?
  • If you camped along the way, where?

4 responses to “Roads well traveled

  1. So, driving to Arizona from Boston took 48hrs non-stop. That was both awesome and shitty all at once. On the way up to boston, we took I 40 across till we hit the Appalachians. I don’t suggest that. Not nearly scenic enough. I’ve taken the lower I 10 across country as well. Also not so scenic between Florida and Cali. Driving up the Cali Coast is awesome though! If you can manage to do that, do it for sure. But I’m inclined to think that staying more North is key. Of course, there is plenty to do here in AZ if you make it down here!

    • We actually aren’t going to stay north, but drive hwy 50 across the middle of the country instead. Would love to see you again, but Arizona is just a bit too far out of the way. Looks like you’re just going to have to come visit =p

  2. hi lady (and gent). I: 1) sold everything I owned on ebay / craigslist, 2) packed a few boxes of can’t fit / don’t need / can’t give up and stashed them at my sister’s, 3) pared down my wardrobe and shipped the big stuff (coats and shoes) to a friend’s place, and 4) had about $700 for gas as a result and made it out there with a friend AND A CAT IN A CARRIER in my cabrio. I haven’t regretted anything except this one pair of boots I wished I’d kept. um… oh, and call ahead early in the day & get AAA discount hotels, make use of policed ok-to-sleep-here rest stations, etc. oh! and wall drug is kind of a bust, but everything else is cool. catch the parks / badlands / tetons if you can. xoxo

    • Thanks! It sounds like we have the same idea re: sell everything and get the hell out! It’s so good to know that you made the trip and that everything turned out so well. You’ll have to show us around this summer. ❤

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