90 Days and Counting

John and his super smart, super nerdy self took a job offer from Microsoft.  It’s no secret I am not a fan of big corporations. But, I am also unwilling to starve in the name of stubborn self-righteousness.  Success and survival hinge on sacrifice and compromise. These days you can’t be too picky about employment. And let’s be honest – not too many people get a job like Microsoft straight out of college. It’s a huge honor, and a testament to John working his ass off learning computer stuffs. Plus, of all the evil-soul-sucking big corporations, Microsoft really ain’t so bad.. and might be even a little bit good: donation matching, wonderful employee benefits, tuition assistance , etc.   So – to Seattle we go.

I am insanely excited and greatful for this opportunity. I am also a tad pee-my-pants nervous about everything we need to accomplish before the move, and the logistics of actually making it happen.

I’m hoping that airing these responsibilities to the interwebs population will motivate me – or at least shame me into not procrasionating so much.


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