Wedding Overload.

Oh. My. God. How does any bride keep a level head during wedding planning?

I’m not one of those obsessive, must-have-the-perfect-matching-everything type. And, I’m certainly not of the persuasion that your wedding should cost more than your salary, or half your salary for that matter. I understand that these things cost money, but why does more = better?

The over-planning is like quicksand. I didn’t even notice it until there I was being swallowed up whole – in an 18 month engagement and already looking at god knows how many wedding blogs and bridal catalogues, making lists, seating charts, and menus, and stressing over ever-increasing dollar signs.

Enough already! I know what I want, and it doesn’t involve big diamonds, or string-quartets, or matching bridesmaids’ dresses, or some cheesy dj in a crowded rental space. I want simple and elegant and most importantly real – meaning a day that embodies the spirit of both John and me and the celebration of spending the rest of our lives together.

HELP! (please)

  • Tips for keeping my sanity regarding all this wedding stuff?
  • Decide to ditch some expensive, traditional aspect of your wedding? Or replace it with something fabulous, budget-friendly, self-made, etc?

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