Blame Facebook (as usual)

Spotted this morning on Facebook’s Role in Divorce Court.

“A recent survey says more lawyers are coming to divorce court armed with Facebook evidence to prove spouses are cheating. Flirty emails, inappropriate instant messages and simply changing a relationship status have been the cause of arguments and breakups.” -MSN 

Yawn. I’m getting pretty tired (and annoyed) reading about blaming social networking sites for all the evils of the cyber-sphere transgressing into real life. Can we please start taking responsibilities for our own actions and poor decisions?

We’ve been taught to utilize our privacy settings, or better yet, to keep our mouths  shut when it comes to airing things via the interwebs.  Employees have been fired over Facebook rants, many companies browse (aka stalk) the FB pages of potential new hires, my fiance’s grandma just chewed him out for cursing in a status update, etc.  But Facebook being responsible for ending your marriage? Seriously?

The reasons behind infidelity are much more complex than just “the temptation was there.”  Does reconnecting with an old flame via FB make it easier? Maybe. But I’d certainly bet that if said hubby (or wifey) in question did not have a Facebook account and wanted to stray, they would.  Facebook does not breed cheaters, if anything it exposes their behavior.  In the end, trust, honesty, and integrity between partners is what should be questioned – not their use of Facebook.


2 responses to “Blame Facebook (as usual)

  1. Sooo…. Just this morning I was reading a US weekly (yes i know i know..) and there on the cover was a picture of a celebrity “teen mom” and her now soon to be ex husband. I followed teen mom for a while and was sad that they were getting a divorce. Of COURSE I had to see why. After reading through the article I discovered that (along with many other things) Facebook was to blame. Go figure. Its so much easier to blame someone or something for our actions when it was us that made the decision. As far as facebook being a tempting succubus…. I sure as hell dont walk into a donut shop and say “oh no im tempted”… I went to a donut shop for a DONUT and I would have gotten it anyway. Of course if i don’t want a donut i just don’t go in. I do not seek out other men on facebook because i don’t want to. Its pretty simple.

    ok… so i just checked my facebook before finishing this little rant and what do i see….a long comment about how life sucks and this and that happened and right underneath it someone asked “whats wrong” and the reply was…”i don’t want to talk about it”… WELL DONT PUT IT ON FACEBOOK THEN!! common people… its like a newspaper for your social life. If you don’t want it on anyone’s doorstep then stop putting it out there…

    the end 😉

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